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Becoming Part of the God’s Family

Having faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior is how God makes you part of His family. That faith in Jesus is a gift from God and one of the ways that we receive faith is through the waters of Holy Baptism.  Would you like to be baptized or have your child baptized?

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Becoming Part of Peace Lutheran

For adults who have already had a Trinitarian Baptism (If you are not sure, please ask us about it) and would like to join Peace Lutheran by becoming a member and fully participating in the mission and ministry of Peace, we ask that you attend our Adult Information Class which take place on three evenings at different points in the year.  This class meets twice a year and it is also something our members can attend to get a refresher on what we believe, teach, confess here at Peace Lutheran. If you have never been baptized we would ask you to go through these classes which will also serve a baptismal instruction leading to baptism.  Pre-confirmation aged children will go through a basic instruction which will lead to baptism if they have not yet been baptized, and then they will be asked to go through confirmation instruction at the proper time which will lead to receiving the Lord’s Supper.

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Next Class Offered

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Session #1 – Who is God and what is a Christian?

Session #2 – Who is Jesus and what is a Lutheran?

Session #3 – Who is the Holy Spirit? Learn about Peace Lutheran!


If you do not wish to wait until the class is offered, the pastors are willing to meet with you one on one to go through this material.


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