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The video will start after the Homework and Memory work are covered in class. If you are not attending in person you are responsible for turning your homework in either by email or physically turning it in. Memory work will be posted after class and it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure the child does their memory work with no help. When I receive the homework by email I will send you the correct answers so you can study for your test.


Unit 2 Homework 4Download
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Unit-2 Homework 2Download

Assignment Due 12/2

P. 128-145 Catechism materials should be reviewed.

Read: Acts 1&2 – Understand major events.

Memorize: 1st Article of the Creed and Explanation

Memorize: Bible verse [Hebrews 11:1]

Due: Homework assignment sheet #1


Handout Unit 1 Lesson 8 – 2 Kinds of RighteousnessDownload
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