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Family Ministries

Here at Peace Lutheran we believe that the family unit is a foundational piece that God has built society upon starting in the Garden of Eden.  Every one of us is part of a family in one way or another and those relationships are very important ones. Family Ministry here at Peace Lutheran exists to help families be entities that help grow people in their faith, so that they will persevere in the faith and spend eternity with God. This philosophy is one that will cause us to do things slightly different than some other churches around us.

We attempt as best we can to keep families TOGETHER as much as possible!  We desire to see families worshiping together not segmented. We want to encourage families to have devotions, read the bible, and pray with one another.  It is not as important for moms and dads to have all the right answers as it is for parents to simply live a distinctly Christian life. We do have Sunday school opportunities for kids, but even in Sunday school we try to bring families in by having our Family Faith Events.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we encourage, engage, and equip families to live out the Christian life so that the faith life is transferred to future generations.

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